The story of a cat

Who finds a special friend

And hopes to change her life For the better



The young kit opened her eyes. The last thing she saw was a group of badgers going after her. They had trapped her against a huge tree, and were about to kill her. Now, she looked down. She was soaring through the air, and the forest looked small. "Am I dead?" She wondered aloud. Then she felt something sharp that was gripping her. It was sharp, yes, but it didn't peirce her. Instead, it felt like a gentle poke. She looked at her sides to see a pair of yellow talons gripping her. She followed one talon up to the foot, and the foot up to the leg. She kept tracing until her eyes met with a large, stark white head with a large yellow beak. An eagle!

The eagle looked at her as she began to squirm. "Hush! Hush now, young one. I shall return you now."

"You... saved me?" The kit gasped.

"Yes," The Eagle said. He plunged down into the forest. He lit down on a rock near the camp entrance and set the kit down. "Now, what's your name? Before I go. Your clan will kill me."

"My name?" The kit said. "My name," She repeated, "Is Opalkit"

"I am Sorrah," The eagle said. "Now, I must be off. Goodbye!" And with that and two huge wing flaps, the eagle was gone.