Hi, my name is Ivyclaw. I speak in this story. There were once more Clans. Mine was WinterClan. I had a perfect life. I never gave up on battles. But this was one I almost gave up on. It was 3 moons ago. Blood was being spilled everywhere. Cats were killed. All four Clans battled. I was right in the middle. I was clawing a SummerClan cat. He was very strong. But he was no match for me. But I heard my leader yowl. I ran to her safety. All her nine lives were being ripped out by the SplashClan leader. I jumped on her. She yowled. I ripped all her nine lives away. She went to StarClan. My leader thanked me. But a cat leaped onto me. I was surprised. I couldn`t get him off! I finally managed. But he clawed me right in the eye!