Summary Edit

In the thick of winter, two grey longhair she-cat kits are found in ThunderClan on the banks of RiverClan's river. One is taken to ThunderClan by the ThunderClan deputy, the other taken to RiverClan by a RiverClan warrior. Ruggedfeather, the kit rescued by Redtail, grows up surrounded by taunts of having kittypet blood. Ruggedfeather is known for her peace-loving ways, some saying she inherited this after that truce that was ruled in winter many many moons ago. Ruggedfeather is a loyal warrior, but when she starts to smell and unfamiliar cat on ThunderClan territory, things turn on its head.

Character Descriptions: Edit

Ruggedfeather: Named after her hardy nature and for surviving a snow storm as a kit, and her long, soft fur. American Longhair she-cat with black tabby stripes, a "blue" stripe down her back, and a "bib" of long white fur.

Heatherwing: Ruggedfeather's sister. American Longhair, very similar to her sister in appearance, but without the blue stripe a bib, and overall ash grey coat with faint tabby stripes.