This is a series called Collide. It is series of Episodes, which for ya'lls sake, I will start to make today :). Its about 1 cat from each clan who all go on one journey to the Moonpool. It changes they're life for the better. Some fall in love, some obtain new powers. But anything can happen on this wonderful journey. If they don't make it back with they're special powers, they will be banished from the clan forever. Which two cats will be banished? Only Dawny knows!

When the Dream Comes; Episode 1:Edit

All the Medicine cats have the same dream and its hard for the Leaders to believe them. Soon enough the Medicine cats stand up against their Leaders and stand together to prove to the leaders that their dreams were true. What will, Cloudspots,  Dapplepelt, Pebbleheart, and Mothflight do to show they are not lying.

When the Star has shone; Episode 2:Edit

The journey has started and the four cats have been chosen by the special dreams that the Medicine cats have recieved. Eaglepaw, Ivypaw, Hawkpaw, and Featherpaw. They are all from different clans. Eaglepaw from ThunderClan, Ivypaw from WindClan, Hawkpaw from ShadowClan, and Featherpaw from RiverClan. They start they're journey out slow. But it ends up turning into a long road.