Alright folks, DragonVillage2Pro is back with another Warriors spoof!

Chap. 1: Graystripe and LeafpoolEdit

One day, Graystripe died of greencough. "WE NEED A NEW DEPUTY!" Firestar shouted. "LEAFPOOL, BE OUR DEPUTY!" he randomly said. Leafpool accepted and became the medicine-deputy. Two different roles! Wow!

Chap. 2: Tigerstar and ScourgeEdit

Not once upon a time, the deputy of ShadowClan died while falling off a cliff. The Clan didn't know what to do so they left the deputy spot blank. One day Scourge strolled along. In a flash, he and Tigerstar were face-to-face. "Tigerstar!" Scourge snarled. "A foolish Clan member!! Didn't I kill you already?" "No!" Tigerstar laughed. After an argument and three scars, Tigerstar accepted Scourge into ShadowClan. Suddenly, Tigerstar fell off a cliff before Scourge's very own eyes. "Scourge! Be deputy and leader!" Tigerstar randomly shouted. So Scourge killed the Clans. The end!

Chap. 3: Stoneteller and PineEdit

Pine that Clings to Rock was tumbling around in his nest one day, when his sister Lark randomly died. Then Stoneteller said, "I am dying. Pine, you be my Toby." Brook, Pine's mother, looked at Stoneteller weirdly. Stoneteller died. "Pine is now Stoneteller!" And that, children, is how a kit became leader of the tribe.

Chap. 4: Onestar and NightcloudEdit

Onestar sat in his den, moping. "Ah, my deputy died, and I don't even remember their name. Oh, and I hate Thunderclan. Firestar was the worst!" He went in the middle of camp, and said. "Sup everybody! Nightcloud is the new deputy even though it has been a moon since Whateverwhatever died." The clan booed. Nightcloud said, "Yas! I will rule the clan!" Then she killed Onestar and everyone else. She walked off a cliff, and whilst she was falling, she said, "Stupid cliff! I hate cliffs!" And continued to say rude things about it. Then she broke her neck.

Chap. 5: Mistystar and MothwingEdit

Mistystar was sitting on a rock, when she saw her deputy drown. "Oh no! Mothwing is the new deputy!" Mothwing looked shocked. "But Mistystar!" Willowshine complained. "That won't work!" Mistystar snarled. "Too bad!" Then she coughed, and Willowshine said, "Oh nu! She has greencough! She is out of my paws now..." "Wat? Have I taught you nothing Willowshine? USE SOME CATMINT!!!" Mistystar coughed, then died. Willowshine sneered. "Come with me to get your lives," then she led the way to the moonpool. Coincidentally it was a half moon, so when they got there, the others were waiting. Mothwing immediately went to sleep. She dreamed of butterflies and rainbows. When she awoke, Sol dropped down and killed her. She had only had one life. And after that, and even while dropping down on Mothwing, Sol forever had the troll face.

The End!Edit

Ah. What some stories there.