Description Edit

Deep in the forest, cats live; they thrive. These cats live in Clans. They hunt for their own food, and catch their own prey; but not all is good.

When a storm hits, a kit is born in the midst of the floods; found floating in the river, she is named Torrentkit. Like her birth place, Torrentkit is pulled down a torrent of legacy, lies, and her mysterious kin that had come to find her.

This is her journey.

This is her life.

Chapter One "Flood" Edit

The water was raging, and the RiverClan cats fought their way through the heavy winds. They could feel the river beneath their wet pads, despite it being ten fox-lengths away. "I hear something!" A big grey tabby she-cat named Hailchaser strained, her legs working against the flood. The water seemed to rise every heartbeat; soon, they'd be swimming with their heads high; but not of their dignity, instead their survival.

The yowl of a kit had the RiverClan patrol urging themselves forward. "Its a kit!" The grey tabby gasped, her giant ears swivelling. A silver tabby tom nodded at her. "Lets save it, and then work on getting back." He meowed calmly. "Okay, Silverstripe." Hailchaser looked onwards and she went even faster. The water was touching the tip of her tail, and her legs were covered with the water. It knocked her backwards suddenly, Silverstripe falling with her. The two struggled against the current, and then relaxed, letting it travel them to the main river. The rain droplets were always adding to the flood. Heatherfoot, a grey-brown tom, arrived shortly after, and the three set towards the helpless kit that was struggling against the current.

"Relax! Let the current take you!" Heatherfoot yowled, and the kitten went under. Hailchaser dived forward and grabbed the kits scruff. It was a blue-grey with yellow eyes. Hailchaser let the current take her back to her friends, and then she swam towards the camp. Silverstripe and Heatherfoot followed, supporting her against the powerful water, helping to keep the kit above the water.

Eventually, they arrived to camp, which had miraculously not been flooded, for the new camp was ontop of a steep hill with brambles creating a wall around it.

The kit was immediantly given to a queen, and the three cats explained the situation to the leader.

"We found it drowning," The brave Hailchaser declared. Silverstripe nodded and Heatherfoot cut in. "Hailchaser was so brave. She went in after the kit."

Back with the new kit, she was nursing with Pinesky, a brown tabby. "What should I name you," Pinesky muttered, licking the new kits head. "Torrentkit, after you being found in the powerful and strong current."

Newly-named Torrentkit purred softly, subconsciously thanking the cats that had saved her.