Firegodstar is strolling along the place when he teleports into a gloomy forest. Dis place needs decorating! Suddenly cats sppear from nowhere and Tigerstar walks out. NO IT DOESN'T! IT'S FABULOUSSSSSSS! Lel, I'm going to destroy you now. Tigerstar jumped into the air with his claws unsheathed but Firegodstar dodges and crushes him until he died, then Firgegodstar went to camp. Unfortunately, he had picked up a bad disease in the Dark Forest, and died.

And everyone cried.


Moons later..

An apprentice has brought a new religon into the clans, in which they must worship Firegodstar. Firegodstar was very happy, but he was annoyed at Bramblestar at stealing his place, as leader of thunderclan, so he dropped a Scourge bomb on Bramblestar, taking all his nine lives. ARRRRGHHHH! yowled Alderkit, who was flying through the air in anger.

Moons later...


Moons later...