Goldenflower's Love Edit

Goldenpaw was sharing a mouse with her brother Lionpaw. She then saw Patchpelt. The warriors went up to her and Lionpaw. "You two are going on a hunting patrol with Bluefur and me," Patchpelt meowed "And this will be your last hunt as an apprentice." Patchpelt smiled "Now finish up that mouse and we will be heading out." Patchpelt bounded away over to Bluefur and they talked by the Gorse tunnel.

Goldenpaw looked at the handsome tom. Lionpaw prodded Goldenpaw with his paw. "Take the last bite and we can go."

Goldenpaw obeyed. Then they headed out. Bluefur led the way Patchpelt behind her. Goldenpaw and Lionpaw brought up the rear."Lionpaw you come with me." meowed Bluefur "Goldenpaw you go with Patchpelt."

Yes! thought Goldenpaw happily. Bluefur and Lionpaw bounded away and vanished in the trees. Patchpelt flicked his ears and meowed "Lets go that way." and he signaled his tail to the woodlands west.

Goldenpaw nodded "Okay." As they went into the trees,Goldenpaw smelled a mouse. "I smell a mouse."

"Good, why don't you go try to get it?" Patchpelt meowed

"Okay." Goldenpaw meowed and pinpointed the mouse. She then pounced.

"Good job!" Patchpelt purred.

Goldenpaw smiled.

"Goldenflower, Lionheart, Goldenflower ,Lionheart!" called out ThunderClan. Goldenflower was now a warrior! She smiled with pride. She saw that Patchpelt had much pride in his eyes.

"Patchpelt! Patchpelt!" Goldenflower meowed "I am having your kit!"

Patchpelt grunted. "I'm an elder through?"

"Yes but we're mates." Goldenflower meowed Well they were until Patchpelt became an elder.

They began to drift apart. "About that, I think that can be no more." meowed Patchpelt

"What?! Well fine we're over!" And Goldenflower stormed away into the nursery. And moons later her kit Swiftkit was born. He looked just like Patchpelt, thought Goldenflower. And just then Patchpelt came into the nursery. "What is his name?"


"Goldenflower I still love you."

"Well I don't love you anymore you broke my heart." And then Patchpelt lefted the nursery with a sad looked in his eyes.

"Goldenflower I love you."

"Oh Tigerclaw I love you too!" Goldenflower exclaimed. Goldenflower had fallen in love with the brave, handsome, smart Tigerclaw. And they where going to become mates. But Goldenflower didnt know what she was getting into.