I'm going to watch the sky for stormclouds

Rolling out to sea

I'm going to spy for stormclouds

Shining down on me...



Chapter OneEdit

Never going to let me go, are you? Are you always going to haunt my dreams, and bathe in my sadness? You are the reason for my ragged pelt and dark eyes stained by the shadow, hollow as a tunnel, my shredded ears incapable of hearing. Because of you, I had to learn to lip read, fight the longing to be normal; the sun never shone on me, did it?

Luckily, although I know someday,Stormcloud, you'll take this too, my last possession- my happy memories before the moon before my warrior ceremony, the time you gained me as a sort of personal plaything. Those memories have stuck in my mind through it all-l all that you have done to make my life miserable.

Shadewind. He's dead now, courtesy of you, and it is that one thing that I hate you most for. My mate, Stormcloud! Just because you have some veiled grudge against me, StarClan knows what, it doesn't mean you should kill another cat, an innocent one at that...

You know what? When you were born, Stormcloud, you were angry that everyone saw Viperfang inside you. You had anger problems- and, you've lived up to your father's crooked expectations. Won't he be proud of his little son now...

Wait- he's gone forever? And who killed him? Some random rogue by the name of Slasher. I see your scarlet eyes flash in anger as I utter that name. Why do you hide me away in a faraway forest by day, and a dark hell by night? The question, I know, has a complicated answer.

You see, I also know you don't want to tell me why, Stormcloud. You want to hide it in your 'vault' of eternal secrets. So, really, all I have to do is find out the code. 

I'm getting bored of reasoning with you,  as it seems to be falling on deaf ears.  It's a necessity once again to relive the memories, the happy ones, before you started to hate me...