Rustlestar- A ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Foggysky- A muscular white-gray tom green eyes

Medicine cat:

Sootheart- a large dark gray tabby tom with short ears and amber eyes


Shelltail- a skinny white and ginger she-cat green eyes (Apprentice:Splashpaw)

Sunpelt- A bright ginger tom amber eyes

Berryfoot- A red tabby tom with amber eyes

Otterclaw- a light brown tabby tom with dark green eyes

Moonshimmer- a beautiful silver tabby she-cat blue eyes

Pinefoot- a dark brown tabby tom amber eyes (Apprentice: Goldpaw)

Wingfur- a light tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Breezewing- a dark red and brown tom with blue eyes

Birchcloud- a light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Splashpaw- a blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes

Goldpaw- a golden tabby she-cat with green eyes


Ferntail- a gray she-cat with blue eyes Cherrykit (ginger she-cat) and Gorsekit (a dark brown tom)


Tangleberry- and old blind and deaf brown tom.


Rustlestar ran through the brushes, but no matter how far she went she could not get away from the terrible thing that followed. Fog and smoke was everywhere and she couldn't see. At last, she lost the thing in some brambles. She sat down to rest and she saw her clan mates staring at her with ice-cold blood-thirsty eyes. Then at once they pounced on her and no matter how hard she fought she couldn't get them. She saw the familiar face of her deputy Foggysky as he stood over her. Pleading him to let her go, but there was no mercy in his green eyes and he continued to slashed a her with his claws. Foggysky finally after minutes of pain and sufferng slashed her at the neck and blood began to pour out of it. As her life drained away from her, Rustlestar woke up with a start and padded out of her den. Foggysky and Sootheart sat out there. "Hi, Rustlestar," Foggysky said then with a glance at her face said, "is something wrong?" Rustlestar replied, "Just a bad dream is all." Foggysky was about to speak again when a wail of pain sounded from the nursery.