Moonheart's Page welcomes you.
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Moonheart Is a large, maine coon with Violet eyes and long, Black and grey fur.


Feisty, Stubborn, Hard headed, Competitive

likes Hates
snow Voles
tree climbing Summer
shrews patrols
Battles open land
Proving herself Old cats
winning losing

Themesong :
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Moonhearts kits


Mother: Maplestar

Father: Emberflight

Siblings: Blueheart, Crowfrost. Larkcall
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Kits: Moonkit, Leafkit,

adopted kits: Pouncekit.



Blackstar leader Norwegian forest
Darkfeather deputy Norwegian forest
Slateheart co-deputy American Curl
swallowheart medicine cat Bengal
Goldenleaf warrior Turkish van
Redoak warrior Tonkinese cat
Moonheart warrior Maine coon
Shadowsong warrior Bombay cat
Darkclaw warrior Himalayan cat
Fangheart warrior Korat
Bramblepaw apprentice American wirehair
Ashpaw apprentice Laperm
Leafpaw apprentice Pixie-bob
Wavepaw apprentice Cymeric cat
Tigerkit Kit Dragon Li
Finchkit Kit Burmilla