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This story is about the life of Nightstar, a she-cat with a black pelt and yellow eyes. She may sound boring but has had many adventures, from a kit, to an apprentice, to a warrior, to deputy, to leader, to StarClan.

Chapter 1: NightkitEdit

Nightkit finally opened her eyes. "Nightkit! You're awake!" Her mother, Onyxpelt, said. "About time you woke up. You're almost an apprentice, a great 5 moons old!" She jumped excitedly, and went over to see her 4 brothers and sisters- Starkit, Shadekit, Moonkit, and Tatteredkit. She happily got ready for whatever the butter she was going to do.

The stars shone in the night sky. It was a green-leaf night, very warm. "Mommy, when will I be an apprentice?" she asked Onyxpelt.

""About tomorrow"" Onyxpelt replied to her.

Nightkit padded back to the Nursery and slept through the dark, warm night.

Chapter 2: Apprentice TrainingEdit