Shatter awoke from his slumber to a cat hovering over him. "Talon, what the fluff do you want?" Shatter grunted. The cat hovering over him smiled, "Ghost wants us to hunt". "Ghost wants everything" Shatter grumbled. "Get up, you're as much use as a dead fox" Talon hissed. "Yeah, yeah Crow-brain" Shatter mumbled, getting up slowly. "Trust me, it'll be as easy as swallowing a minnow" Talon purred. "Like that minnow you choked on as a trainee?" Shatter meowed in amusement. Talon blushed, "I-I thought it was a trout!". "Yeah, yeah." Shatter chuckled, she had always liked making Talon uncomfortable. Both slowly padded out of the abadoned twoleg place Ghost had brung his group to. Talon smacked Shatter in the face with his tail. "Huh!" Shatter snapped out of her thoughts. "Day-dreaming again?" Talon grunted. "No, dung-face" Shatter hissed. Talon eyed his way at a vole. Shatter crouched, tensing herself. Before she pounced, Talon ran in front of her. The vole scuirred away frightenly. "Rabbit-dung!" Shatter snarled. "Talon, you mud-face! You won't catch anything until hedgehogs fly if you keep doing that!" Shatter snarled. Talon huffed and turned back. Shatter stood and padded to the abadoned place they called home.

"Where's your prey?" Ghost hissed as Shatter and Talon entered the camp. "This idiot scared it away" Shatter flicked her tail-tip to Talon. Ghost hissed, "You'll be sleeping with the kits for that!". Shatter tried not to attack Ghost, she always hated the white tom, she didn't know why he was Leader. Mistle, Shatter's mate padded over to Shatter, Shatter nuzzled Mistle. Shatter smiled, then looked over at Ghost, he was always frustrated that Shatter had a mate and not himself. Shatter smirked, for now he would tease Ghost, but one day, she'll rip his throat open.