The starry skies, that light the night,

A blanket of stars, in the moonlight darkness, 

but nobody thinks of the dangers of the night.

Chapter 1Edit

Small chirps of alarms from the chickadee's rang out into the sun lit day. The ground baked from the sun's baring heat, the earth floor was crcked and dry from the endless summer. 

Very few trees shaded EarthClan territory, but yet, most of them were dead, or dying. 

The thick weeds and dry, dead grass also covered EarthClan. 

A large over hang, curved into the dirt, most likely by storms or wind, sheltered EarthClan Camp, or what was left of it.

Gusty wind storms blew weeds and sand into the air, blowwing into Gingerstar's rattled and scarred tan pelt.

Her expression seemed grim, lost and tired, for she had been caught in a bad sand storm the day before. Her paws ached from traveling so far, back to her old Clan.

A thorn pierced into her paw, making her wince in pain. Argh! Stupid dry land! "Fox-dung!" She muttered and yanked it out with her teeth.

She looked ahead of her, seeing a great pool of water. "WaterClan." I'm sure they won't mind if I take a drink, or two. 

Gingerstar lumbered towards the lake, her mouth watering.

She reached her destination and lapped up the liquid, refreshing her taste buds. 

"Gingerstar!" A young apprentice rammed into her leg, knocking her down. 

"Hey! Watch it twerp!" She retorted and sprawled out into the water. 

"Gingerstar, why are you on WaterClan territory?" The apprentices mentor, Dappleleaf, asked.

"Because, EarthClan is gone, and I have not had water in days!" Gingerstar dropped her head to the ground, letting the water surround her dry and cracked undercoat (skin). She panted and looked up once more.

"That is no excuse, EarthClan has rivers running through it, does it not?" Dappleleaf questioned once more.

"Yes, but they dried out! You can even check." The tan she-cat retorted, angryily.

"I do not care, leave my territory, now! And Gingerstar? I'd advice re-building your clan, or else everything with fall out of order." Dappleleaf and Whitepaw turned and left.

Gingerstar stared down at her dusty paws and sighed, feeling out of place.

She hadn't stopped thinking about what Dappleleaf had said.