Stars Edit

I looked around- everything was falling! How could this be? I heard the voice of my friend over the crumbling. "Frostspirit!?" I called.

She looked at me with glistening blue eyes. She was bleeding. "Before I die-"

"No, your not going to die," I told her, trying to soothe her. "Of course I am! How would I live? The crumbling is killing me. This is not our home anymore, but we will still roam with you," she choked the words. It was as if StarClan was coming for her already. "No!" I pleaded. "I'll do anything- fetch water, anything! Please!" I sobbed. "StarClan is calling," she answered. With that, her eyes turned dull, and her breathing stopped.

"No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My call went through the night air. Not a sound. It was as if all the forest were moarning. "I wish I could still be with you," I murmmered into her limp ear. I wondered if she could hear. Still hear the sound of my voice, or would she ever hear it again? It was not time to worry right now. I needed to pack and leave this once beautiful place. "Goodbye," I whispered to her. A rock fell on it. That was my last glance at her for life.

I cried the whole way trying to find a new home. She would always be in my head, I remember her. Pure eyes, glistening blue. I would never see them. Ever. I could not bare to think about it anymore. I ran through the forest, trying to take my mind off her. But it just wouldn't work.

Everytime I thought of something, it was her. I decided to rest, but my mind filled with images of her. Ugh! It was getting pretty irritating, but I drifted off. Somehow. I woke up in a forest. It was familiar. Home. "Frostspirit?" I called. She ran up and touched noses with me. "Acornstream. You could be a star," she told me. "What? How?" I asked. "Simple. Find the black cat of life, and ask her. She is silently watching. Now wake up!"

My eyes jolted open. Now to find the 'Black Cat of Life'.