Part 1: The ProphecyEdit

Eeveestar looked upon the stars. "I never though it could get this bad!" She mewed. Joltfoot looked at her. "What is it?" He asked, sitting next to her. "It`s StarClan! They sent me a sign!" She meowed. Joltfoot frowned. "Did it look bad?" He mewed. "Don`t ask." Mewed Eeveestar. Umberoncloud looked at Eeveestar. "Let me see." She mewed. Umbreoncloud could read cats` minds. "It looks bad." She mewed. Umbreoncloud`s eyes clouded. "The prophecy is: Storm Of Stars!" She meowed. Joltfoot`s eyes widened. "It can`t be!" He mewed.

Part 2: PreparingEdit

Eeveestar fluffed her nest out big and cuddled in it. "That won`t help!" Mewed Umbreoncloud. Eeveestar frowned. "What will!?" She meowed. "Nothing." Mewed Umbreoncloud.

Part 3: StormEdit

Strong winds blew through the forest. "It`s coming!" Meowed Joltfoot. He hid In his nest. The wind blew into the den, breaking it.

Part 4: After The StormEdit

The camp was silent.


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