This is a story made by Dawn.

Chapter OneEdit

My gray stone eyes flickered open to the single heated ray of sunlight that has found its way into the Nursery, while radiating of my forehead. Just days before, I was born with tightly sealed eyes, nobody expected that they would turn out to be gray. My pelt was a soft coral cream, representing my name Petalkit.

I looked around for a moment, then restlessly squirmed closer to my mothers soft and warm belly; which was full of creamy, tasty milk. I mewled loudly, not expecting that noise to come from my mouth. Uh oh. My mother lifted her head and stared down at my wide gray eyes, smiling softly. 

Ok, maybe meeting my mother wasn't so scary after all. I felt safer once she grasped my neck gently, and placed me by her paws. I had lost my gaze in her beautiful eyes, searching for any sign of emotion, or hatred. But I saw nothing of the sort.

She began to groom my fur, while I shivered in terror. What was this cat going to do to me? Will she eat me? Petalkit squirmed for a moment, but the feeling of her mothers heartbeat calmed her down, she soon curled up beside her chest and fell into a slumber.

"Pale-eyes, my name is Pale-eyes." I could hear my mother talking to my brother, Oakkit, who apparently was blind. TBC