The owl's call

She squealed as the gray wings sprouted and her black fur turned into feathers. She shrunk and tried to tear away from the stuff but it was too late. Twolegs in hard white pelts chained her in and yowled. She shivered and blood crawled between the feathers. She fell to the ground.

Once every twelve moons

twelve apprentices will be chosen.

By the owl's wing

On the full moon

The blood will drop

And you will know.

Chapter one- Choosing of the hollyEdit

"...You will be called Hollypaw." The tiny just-made apprentice jumped up and down. Something wet landed on her head. Is it starting to rain? She shook it off. Her eyes grew startled when she noticed blood on the ground. Her first thought was, am I bleeding?

"The holly has been chosen!" Cried Skystar, the pretty tabby she-cat who was leader of WolfClan.