This is a spoof by Dawny xD

Signing up:Edit

Tigerstar- "Ok, so Sasha has told me about this new site called Facebook. What is it about? I thought people face booked themselves but nooo! Sasha says its about a chatting site! So I get one fucking thing wrong! I never heard of this damn site before, she can fucking deal with that!" *Goes to and stares at screen*

Darkstripe- "Tigerstar, your supposed to click sign up..." *Points at the sign up button*

Tigerstar- "What the hell? What is this stupidness my eyes have seen?" *Troll face*

Darkstripe- *Facepaw* "It is how you make an account."

Tigerstar- "DON'T YOU GET SMART WITH ME!" *Unseatlhes claws and makes a creepy face*

Darkstripe- "Awkward..."

Tigerstar- "Ok its asking me, whats my name...TIGERSTAR GOD DAMNIT!" *Types it in furiously*

Darkstripe- "Sigh....Tigerstar, just type in Tigerstar, not TIGERSTAR GOD DAMNIT!" *Moves Tigerstar and re-types it in*

Tigerstar- *Glares at Darkstripe and shoves him to ground screaming* "ITS MY FUDGING ACCOUNT!"

Darkstripe- "Ok, ok gosh, now type in your age."

Tigerstar- *Types in, Im dead*

Darkstripe- *Facepaw* "No Tigerstar, your AGE!"

Tigerstar- "OH! WELL THEN!"

Darkstripe- "Type it in!" *Makes a GTFO face*

Tigerstar- *Types in 45 moons* "There. Happy now?"

Darkstripe- *Nods* "Now type in your first and last name, like, Tiger Star"

Tigerstar- *Hums while typing in Tiger-Star* "Ok, its asking me for an email...."

Darkstripe- "Remember?" *Laughs a bit*

Tigerstar- *Eyes squint* "Ummm....ok..."

Darkstripe- *Bursts out laughing as Tigerstar types it in.*

Tigerstar- *Makes a GTFO face and slaps Darkstripe.* "You wanna go bro? I'll kill you like I killed yo mama!"

Darkstripe- "No sir!" *Sits and twiddles with his paws*

Tigerstar- "Hmmmm....a good password.... I KNOW!" *Types in the word password*

Darkstripe- *Rolls on ground boredly*

Tigerstar- *Glares at him and shakes head.* " birth date.... I'll just choose randomlly! May, 5, 1995!"

Darkstripe- "Now type in your gender and your done..."

Tigerstar- *Hums and clicks: MALE*

Message on screen- *You have now been signed up to Facebook.*

Tigerstat- What is this- this mousbrained thing?!