So.. Spotty here. Everyone on this wiki is making spoofs so I shall make one too!


Warrior cats get laptops

The beginningEdit

Firestar: Let's go to the apple store!

Jayfeather: We're cats. We don't eat apples.

Cinderheart: No I think I heard of this! It's a twoleg place where they sell weird awesome stuff that is in no way related to apples!

Lionblaze: You're so smart! *pats Cinderheart's head*

Jayfeather: Why is it called the apple store then?

Firestar: Who cares, let's go!

At the apple storeEdit


'*gigantic pile of laptops drops in a bag*

Apple store owner: *is huddled on floor* Th-There you go! Now please, don't hurt me!

Firestar: I believe our work here is done.

Hollyleaf's laptopEdit

Hollyleaf: hmm... *deep look of concentration*

Lionblaze: type in gmail. Firestar says to join that first.

Hollyleaf: okay. *types gmail in the search bar* this one?

Lionblaze: yeah, the first one that shows up.

Hollyleaf: What? Why does it have two spaces for name?

Lionblaze: Holly in the first one, Leaf in the last one.

Hollyleaf: Okay. *types in Holly Leaf for name*

Lionblaze: Then put what you want your email to be.

Hollyleaf: *types furiously* What? Why does it say 'Someone already has that username. Note that we ignore periods and capitalization in usernames. Try another? Available: hollyleaf90'?

Lionblaze: posers. Just make it be hollyleaf90. I had to have mine be Lionblaze08.

Hollyleaf: fine. *adds 90 to the end of the e-mail* Now a password. *types in Fluffynut9*

Lionblaze: *rolls on the floor laughing*

Hollyleaf: well nobody would guess would have it as a password.

Lionblaze: true, true.

Hollyleaf: Birthday, hmm. I'll just make that random. *clicks random stuff with an epic face* And Imma girl you idiot.... I have no email or phone blablabla.... Then this random stuff... done!

Lionblaze: Good job, Hollyleaf!