Bluestar: let`s go to Disney!

Yellowfang: yeah!

Fireheart: but its a long drive (whines)

Bluestar: no problem (calls for pet dragon)

at Disney...

Yellowfang: what we do here?

Bluestar: put our fast pass things here (does it)

Fireheart: (does it)

Yellowfang: (does it)

Bluestar: now for the rides!

Yellowfang: Dinosaur Kingdom first!

Bluestar: yeah!

Firerheart: yeah!

Bluestar: lets do The Dinosaur Ride first

(other cats agree)

(cats walk in fast pass line)

Bluestar: (does it)

Yellowfang: (does it)

Fireheart: (does it)

Bluestar: were going inside

Speaker: Please fasten your seatbelts for safety

(cats fasten seatbelts)

Bluiestar: wo! Were on the ride!

Speaker: 3 2 1.. start!

Bluestar: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (closes eyes)

Yellowfang: what`s wrong?

Bluestar: StarClan help me! Yellowfang: (sighs)

Fireheart: look! A dinosaur!

Yellowfang: cool!

(after ride is over)

Bluestar: ooo! Gift shop!

Yellowfang: (buys set of dinosaurs)

Bluestar: (buys huge dinosaur)

Fireheart: (buys dinosaur t-shirt)

Bluestar: lets go to the triceratops spin next!

(both agree)

(they get on ride)

(ride starts)

Bluestar: I`ll drive!

Yellowfang: ok!

Fireheart: I want to drive!

Bluestar: here we go! (Tilts dinosaur to side)

All: woooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Bluestar: Left! (Tilts dinosaur to left)

All: woooooooooooooo!

(they keep doing it until ride is over)

Yellowfang: lets go to shop!

(both agree)

Bluestar: a lot of dinosaurs!!!

Yellowfang: (buys huge dinosaur, set of more dinosaurs, dino nugget making kit)

Bluestar: (buys both sets of dinosaurs, dinosaur stuffed animals, and another huge dinosaur)

Fireheart: (buys more t-shirts, and same as girls)

(they pay)

Bluestar: now, lets go to hotel, to swim and take a load off.

(both agree)

at hotel..

Fireheart: I`ll get lunch

Girls: ok!

(girls play with dinosaur toys)

Fireheart: I`m back

Girls: yum! Bangyays!

(they all eat)

Bluestar: now, lets swim!

(both agree)

(they swim for 3 hours)

Yellowfang: what now?

Bluestar: the sun is setting...should we go out for dinner?

(both agree)

At the restraunt....

Bluestar: 100 bangyays please!

Worker: ok... (brings it to them)

(cats eat)

after they eat...

Bluestar: I`m full

Others: us too

(they leave)

At hotel...

Bluestar: I`m taking a bath, Yellowfang goes after me then Fireheart.

Fireheart: no fair!


Bluestar: today is Magic Kingdom

(they go there)

At Magic Kingdom...

Bluestar: Dumbo Ride first!

(both agree)

At place...

Bluestar: remember? Fast pass!

(they do it)

Bluestar: now wait in this long line

10 minutes later...

Girls: bored already!

Fireheart: do you guys have a little patience?

Girls: no!

5 minutes later...

Bluestar: finally!

(cats get on ride ride starts)

Yellowfang: I`ll drive

Bluestar: ok

Fireheart: let me at some point!

Girls: never!

Yellowfang: (tilts left)

All: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yellowfang: (tilts to right)

All: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

(they do it until ride is over)

Bluestar: well that was fun!

(both agree)

Fireheart: can I pick a ride for once?

Girls: no!

Yellowfang: lets go eat, I`m starving!

(both agree)

At restraunt...

Girls: aw! No bangyays!

Worker: ?

Bluestar: I`ll have French fries, all the cakes you have, and Fanta!

Worker: ok...

Yellowfang: good job Bluestar!

Fireheart: (sighs)

At table with food...

(girls gulp down their food)

Fireheart: messy eaters!

Girls: grrrrrrrrrrr!

Fireheart: I take it back