Bluestar: Lets go to the store!

Fireheart: yeah!

(all cats walk into the store)

Hollyleaf: there is twolegs here!

Bluestar: who cares?

Hollyleaf: I do!

(Fireheart runs off to buy stuff with Bluestar)

Yellowfang: look! Herbyherbs!

(cats burst out laughing)

Yellowfang: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bluestar: oh look! Its a necklace! (Takes it off shelf and puts it in paw)

Fireheart: really?

Bluestar: its for girls.

Hollyleaf: wow! Books about us! (Takes them all)

Bluestar: look! Claw polish set! (Takes it)

Fireheart: wow! Fire carpet! (Takes it)

Yellowfang: Look! Cat figures for the kits! (Takes the set)

(The cats walk to checkout)

All: we want to buy this stuff!

Twoleg: ok... (Scans all the stuff) here you go.

(cats walk off with it)

the end.