This is a warriors spoof by Dawny! I really hope you have a laugh out of this!! 

In The Jeopardy building with:Edit

Tigerstar, Bluestar, Firestar, Leafpool, Hollyleaf, Spottedleaf, Sandstorm <---(Uh oh Sandstorm and Spottedleaf in the same room...that won't go so well....) Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, Crowfeather, Nightcloud, Ashfur, Darkstripe, Redtail, Clawface and Lionblaze.

Backstage comments-Edit

Host:Ashfur- "So Tigerstar, how does it feel to be on Warriors Jeopardy?"

Tigerstar-"I don't want to be here, BUT FIRESTAR I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!!!" *Firstar pokes head in from the waiting room* "Um?"

Host:Ashfur- "Yeah lets come back to him.... Now for Bluestar!" *Bluestar walks in*

Bluestar- "Hello everyone! I am Bluestar, former leader of ThunderClan, as you all-"

Ashfur- "Yeah she's boring, lets move on to Firestar!" *Firestar enters*

Firestar- "Uh hey, I'm Firestar I guess. As you all know I just died so its gonna be hard to beat me with my new intelligence...." *Firestar gets up and dances in a circle, Tigerstar runs in screaming "NO YOU WON'T!*

Ashfur- ....

Tigerstar- "FIRESTAR!!" *Security cave guards drag Tigerstar back into the waiting room.*

Ashfur- "Now I guess we can let Leafpool in... hide the chairs, she's Firestars daughter"

Leafpool- "Hello dearies!" *Leafpool stares at the audience* "Well then, I had know idea where I was till now!"

Ashfur-".... Go back please... Now for... WHY IS SHE ON THIS LIST!" "HOLLYLEAF COME IN!" *Eyes grow very huge*

Hollyleaf- "Hello......." *Scoots chair closer to Ashfur* "Did you miss me?"

Ashfur- "NO!" *Has security guards take her back* "Phew! Now lets have Spottedleaf!"

Spottedleaf- "Hello everyone! I'm Spottedleaf! So Ashfur.. how is it in the Dark forest?" *Narrows eyes at him...*

Ashfur- "Um.....good?" *Slowly starts to inch away*

Spottedleaf- "I heard Sandstorms here...." *Looks around and screams*

Ashfur- "Uh lets now have Sandstorm, Take her out!!!!!" *Security cave guards drag Spottedleaf out*

Sandstorm- "WHERE IS MY FIRE POOKIE POO! I NEED HIM!!!!!!" *Throws chair across room and breaks it*

Ashfur-..... "Ummm ok then..... SQUIRRELFLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!" *Gets up and storms around chair* "Who invited her to come!!!!!" *Some backstage crew raises hand* "YOUR FIRED!!!!"

Squirrelflight- *Walks in with flower curled behind her bangs* "Hi..hi Ashfur"

Ashfur-"Uhhhh... hey Squirrelflight.." *Eyes turn into hearts*

Squirrelflight-"Where's Bramblestar?" *Looks around anxiently*

Ashfur- "HIM AGAIN!!!!! YOU HEARTLESS MOUSE-BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Ashfur- *Blinks and stares in shock*