The next chapter is called Leafpool's Kits.

A pretty tabby she-cat stood up and licked off the taste of herbs onto her paw. Despite being a medicine cat, she hated the taste of herbs.

"Leafpool!" the tabby looked up. Her sister, Squirrelflight was staring impatiently at her. "We're leaving! Come on!" 

"Huh? Oh. Sorry." Leafpool scrambled to her paws and followed the new warrior.

"You've been pretty secretive, lately." Squirrelflight continued. "Something's up." 

"Nothing." Leafpool said. "I just feel really tired." 

"Uh-huh." Squirrelflight gave Leafpool that knowing green glare. 

Leafpool looked behind her in time to see Crowfeather, a WindClan warrior, sneak into the bushes.

"I need to gather some herbs real quick. The best goldenrod isn't too far from here. You'll let Firestar know for me, right?" 

"Sure." Squirrelflight looked distraught. "I'll let him know." 

"Thank you!" Leafpool nosed her sister's cheek. "I'll be at camp soon." 

She followed Crowfeather into the bushes.

His fur bristled as he spun around. "OH. It's you. Sorry." he muttered.

Leafpool shrugged. "No big deal. Now, you said you wanted to talk to me." 

"I do." Crowfeather replied. "Listen, I know you're a medicine cat and we're in two different Clans, but I love you Leafpool. More than I'd ever loved Feathertail." 

Leafpool flinched.

Crowfeather frowned. "Did I say something stupid?"

"N-no." Leafpool stuttered. "It's just... nobody has ever told me that before." 

Crowfeather walked towards Leafpool. "Than everyone else in the world are a world of mouse-brains." 

Leafpool began to purr.

"Now... don't we have unfinished business?" Crowfeather grinned.

Meanwhile... back at camp, Squirrelflight still didn't see Leafpool in camp. She walked into the medicine cat's den. "Cinderpelt, have you seen Leafpool?" 

"No." Cinderpelt replied.

"She said she was getting goldenrod..." Squirrelflight continued.

"Goldenrod?" Cinderpelt said, indignantly. "Our den is overflowing with goldenrod. We don't need anymore. I'll go find her. Maybe we can give the goldenrod to another Clan."

She bolted out of camp.

Back at Fourtrees... Leafpool thanked Crowfeather for another night and began to actually gather goldenrod while Crowfeather slunk away. 

"Leafpool! We already have goldenrod!" Cinderpelt ran over. She halted. "Why do I smell a WindClan tom?" 

"Maybe it's still Onestar's scent." Leafpool stuttered.

"No. It smells more like Crowfeather." Cinderpelt looked down at her apprentice with a horrified look. "StarClan, no! You didn't..." 

"What did I do?" Leafpool tried to sound innocent.

"Leafpool!" Cinderpelt's voice rose. "What were you and Crowfeather thinking?!"