Written by Dawny. It is a songfic that is supposable sung by Wolfspirt from in the fanfiction Run Away

I had my eyes on you

From the minute we met

Your amber eyes

Swept over mine,


My forest green gaze swept over the Aprentice den, eyeing everyone. I was new, and I got teased for my size. I had a massive body. Most she-cats disliked me, but no, not Palepaw. She was beautiful, amazing and strong. I adored her, from the minute I laid eyes on her amazing structure. Them toms went mooning over her. I never stood a chance. I watched Palepaw reach over and grab a sparrow from the fresh kill pile. Her warm green eyes fell on mine as I looked away, my ears burning with embarresment. "Why hello Wolfpaw!" I heard her sweet and tempting tone sound off next to my ear. I spun around and mewed "Hi Palepaw, lovely day isn't it?" TBC

We will always cherish this love

Like no other

But as the fairy tales

No love last forever

There will not be a happily ever after

No not after you died

And left me to cry,


I wish it was a dream

Everything I see

All inside my head now

But I guess not

Cause now your dead

And I'm lonely once again

You broken this fragile heart of mine


The secret voices

whisper slowly

Your body sinks inside my skull

But I understand anything, anymore, at all

The lifeles image of your limb cold body

Breaks me slowly on the inside and out

Why couldn't of it been me?